Grand Menu

  • "Mochi-mochi" Zaru Soba
    Chewy textured soba noodles

    The previous chef was particular about making chewy textured soba noodles. Please chew well and enjoy the soba noodles.

    Regular : 870yen / Large : 1,080yen (Tax in)

  • Kake soba (Hot/Cold)
    Soba noodles in Hot/Cold soup

    The most basic style of plain soba noodles in hot or cold soup.

    Regular : 870yen / Large : 1,080yen (Tax in)

  • Tori SeiroSoba noodles with chicken dipping source

    Dipping sauce is made of chicken broth and original Gujo miso paste. The sauce goes well with stirred raw egg. After finishing the soba noodles, please pour the “Sobayu”,the soba cooking water, into the sauce cup to finish the dipping sauce, too.

    Regular : 980yen / Large : 1,190yen (Tax in)

  • Tsukimi Soba (Hot)Soba noodles with raw egg in hot soup

    In Japanese culture the egg yolk and egg white are pictured to be like the moon and clouds. This bowl represents the beautiful autumn full moon. Please enjoy the taste of soba noodles with full Japanese flavor.

    Regular : 980yen / Large : 1,190yen (Tax in)

  • Oroshi Soba (Cold)Soba noodles with grated radish in hot/cold soup

    Grated radish is rich in vitamin C. It's great for hangovers and stress.

    Regular : 980yen / Large : 1,190yen (Tax in)

  • Cold Jinsuke soba noodlesThe original Jinsuke soba noodles

    The original Jinsuke soba noodles were named after the person who invented them. Please mix the noodles and ingredients well before eating.

    Regular : 980yen / Large : 1,190yen (Tax in)

  • Chomolungma Zaru SobaExtra large portion of soba noodles

    Traditional Japanese soba noodles are not high class cuisine. We are open to younger generations, too. This menu was made for fun. Try to eat up to 1kg of soba noodles?

    Extra Large Only : 1,620yen (Tax in)

  • Hirajin's Houba-sushiOld-fashioned traditional Gujo food

    Houba-sushi was eaten as a farmers’ lunch. Mild Hirajin's Houba-sushi is easy to eat for children,too.

    Set price : 1,240yen (Tax in)

    One piece price : 380yen (Tax in)

  • Hida-Beef LunchSpecial Hida-beef dish lunch menu

    "Mochi-mochi "- Chewy textured soba noodles and Special Hida-beef dish + Houba-sushi

    Set price : 1,950yen (Tax in)

  • Gujo SetGujo local food set menu

    "Mochi-mochi "- Chewy textured soba noodles and Kanroni of “Amago trout” + Houba-sushi

    Set price : 1,840yen (Tax in)