Grand Menu

  • Hida-Beef Jinenjo LunchChewy textured soba noodles and Hida Beef Bowl with Japanese yam in Gujo

    This is a set menu of Zaru Soba & mini Hida Beef bowl with Japanese yam in Gujo.Recommend

    Regular : ¥1,980 / Large : ¥2,200 (Tax in)

  • Jinenjo Soba Soba noodles with Japanese yam in Gujo

    One of Gujo's seasonal vegetables, "Jinenjo". Please enjoy it with our soba soup. Specialty

    Regular : ¥1,760 / Large : ¥1,980 (Tax in)

  • Jinenjo Seiro (Cold)Soba noodles with cold sauce and Japanese yam in Gujo

    Dipping sauce is made of chicken broth and original Gujo miso paste. Please eat with a Japanese yam in Gujo.

    Regular : ¥1,430 / Large : ¥1,650 (Tax in)

  • Zaru Soba
    Chewy textured soba noodles

    The previous chef was particular about making chewy textured soba noodles. Please chew well and enjoy the soba noodles.

    Regular : ¥880 / Large : ¥1,100 (Tax in)

  • HIda Beef Bowl

    A bowl made from Hida beef from Gifu prefecture.

    Regular : ¥1.320 / Small : ¥880 (Tax in)